Pottery, mainly ceramic, has played the most important and artistic role throughout history. The practice of making ceramics is handed down through generations, hand-picked by the experts, bought and sold to ceramic lovers at a high price. From the prehistoric ages to the modern-day tiles and space shuttles, ceramics have played an important role in human endeavors.

In different sizes, shapes, colors and varieties, ceramic items are the perfect antidote to dull home décor. You cannot ignore the beauty and aesthetics of ceramic household items in Northern America that are collected from Turkey’s ottoman artisans. The handmade ceramic items that come directly from the hands of skilled artists from Kutahya are worth adorning your homes. They are mind-blowing pieces with precise decoration, wonderful colorful blends and figurines depicted on every piece.

What Is So Special About the Turkish Ottoman Ceramics?

Turkey is famous for its rich history in ceramic production; it is also called the “land of ceramics”. The ceramics tradition has been passed on to different generations and then finally evolved in the Anatolian region, present-day Turkey.

The rich cultural history and the geographical location have also played an important role in the huge popularity of Turkish ceramic manufacturing. This region has plenty of natural resources needed to make good quality ceramic household items in North America and other parts of the globe. The raw materials are sourced to other counties for manufacturing unique, designer, stunning ottoman ceramic items.

Different Types of Ceramic Household Items



Keeping a ceramic bowl at your dining table will reflect your class and aristocracy. These are so beautifully designed and hand-painted that they will surely become the limelight in your dining space. You can buy the kayak bowls, rice bowls, regular small bowls, standing bowls and sugar standing bowls. All these ceramic household items have eye-catching paintings made on them. They are glazed and shiny. These bowls are different from the normal clay bowls you generally get in the market. These kayak bowls are also a fantastic gifting option.

To get the wide variety of kayak bowls, you can check different sizes of kayak bowls around 11” in size with no lead in the paint. They are heat-proof and available in multi-colored patterns.


Having these plates for dinner is something worthy. The beautiful Turkish painting on these plates with different colors makes them appealing to keep in homes. They are multi-purpose plates used for serving food, fruits and so on.

Have you seen the multi-piece comet style ceramic plate? This is an outstanding collection for your home. They are designed according to the Kabartma style have multi-colors and 3D painting patterns. When guests come home, you can all serve dry fruits and nuts in the different sections on these plates without the need to serve them in separate plates.


You can keep the ceramic bottles in your home to showcase the graceful and mesmerizing ottoman artistry. The oriental bottles, twisted bottles and ottoman bottles are three popular designs gaining huge demand among ceramic lovers.

At EliPOT, you can get a wide range of ottoman ceramic handmade items sourced from the ‘Land of Ceramics”- Turkey. The main focus is to provide the best quality beautiful ceramic products allowing the users to enjoy these beauties and keep them as souvenirs.