As trends come and go, materials fall in and out of favor; one material that never goes out of style is ceramic. Although they may not always be front and center, ceramic home accessories can always find a place in every room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Whether in a practical form or a decorative one, this classic material’s versatility has something to offer for everyone.

Ceramic is a broad term that includes various materials like porcelain and terracotta. One of the most ancient industries on earth, ceramics are produced from clay mixed with water, shaped, and fired at high temperatures.

When the industrial revolution happened, ceramics were manufactured in large quantities. Today, you will find ceramics throughout your home. From dishes to home decorative pieces to flowerpots and lamps, ceramic is a material that appeals to the senses.

Whether you want to add an earthy vibe to your room or an artisanal one, ceramic household items in Northern America, vases, pots, lamps, tableware, and decorative objects will help you provide the right look.


Terracotta is an excellent option if you are looking for a raw, natural texture and an earthy tone. The inherent warm color of terracotta without a glaze makes it a great option for flower pots and planters. In addition, the material is porous in nature, allowing water and air to pass through the pot’s walls, and therefore promoting healthy plants by staving off root rot. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, terracotta can be used indoors and out.

Glazed ceramic decor

Glazed ceramic pots are another excellent way to bring ceramic into your space. Available in all shapes and sizes with glossy or matte glazes. It is heavy enough to house a plant or swap with favorite flowers from week to week.

Great on their own or with fresh blooms, these accent pieces are easy to move from place to place and come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes. Opt for a graphic stripe or pattern to make a powerful statement for a bold and eye-catching look.

Soft colors are a great option if subtle pieces are more of your thing. Try a muted tone in a simple shape. Thus, you have a welcoming piece that easily blends in without disappearing.

Ceramics for the tabletop

When it is time to set the table, ceramic plates and dishes are time-tested in the task of serving food. Plus, they can create an elegant look.

For something more vibrant and fun, bowls and plates in mixed colors and patterns add various characters to the table. With a mix of earth tones and glossy and matte textures, raw and natural pieces will bring a more rustic and warm look to the table.

Beautiful and versatile, ceramic home accessories never really go out of style. These natural pieces are bound to bring warmth and elegance to modern spaces, from soft colors to bold patterns and everything in between.

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