Your friend purchased a new house, and you are invited to his housewarming party the next week. Okay, now you are thinking about what to give your friend to make him feel good. There are several gift ideas to give to your friend so that he can decorate his home. You can also take inspiration from the European gift ideas in North Americalike the Ottoman jugs, vases, and decorative items that are useful, beautiful, and unique for home decoration.

Most of the home décor items you see around are made with ceramic. Though ceramic items are quite common, they hold a special place in the home décor as they have detailed designs and look good with bright colors and distinct art. If you are planning to gift someone for home decoration, read this.

Gift Ideas for Decorating the Living Space

The ceramic vases look too good in living rooms. Whether you are placing it on the dining table or reading table, the ceramic vases are pretty attractive, and they enhance the home’s aesthetic value. Though there are many options you can get in vases, like steel vases, metal vases, and wooden and glass vases, the ceramic ones have gained much popularity in the household. This is because the Turkish inspired vases have intricate designs and look so beautiful. Some popular ceramic vases include swan, regular vases, Hittite vases and teardrop vases. You can place these vases for decoration and put original or artificial flowers in them.

The next item that you can gift your friend is a ceramic cup. These cups are not only used to drink coffee or tea, but they are also a great decorative piece. They are made from ceramic, look good, have bright colors, and delicate design. They are available in different sizes and patterns. A cup sets of 4 or 6 can be given during the housewarming event so that your friend can use it. Drinking coffee and tea from these cups will be also beneficial for health. You can also go for a tea set, coffee set or teapot as a gift.

Though glass and plastic plates are too trendy these days, dining plates made from ceramic is the best one to gift. When placed on the table before lunch, the dining plates will not only make the guests feel good and prioritized, but they also reflect class and dignity. The dining plates can be bought single, or you can get them in the set for a gifting purpose.

Do you know ceramic bottles have been in demand for quite a long time? These bottles are not just for keeping water, but they are great as a decorative piece in the living room. These bottles are available in different shapes like elongated, twisted, oriental and ottoman bottles.

These are some gift ideas that you can follow when you are thinking of gifting your friend for a housewarming party. At Eliot, you can see a wide range of Turkish or Ottoman inspired decorative items with unique designs and artwork. In addition, it delivers high quality and beautifully designed Ottoman artworks for customers.