The art of Turkish ceramics started its journey in Anatolia, which plays a crucial role in Turkey’s history & culture. Turkish ceramic production dates back to the ancient years, almost 10,000 years. It was during the mid-20th century era when mass production took place. That led to the popularity of Turkish ceramics.

If you are someone with a profound appreciation for handmade ceramic items, we bet you would find handmade ceramic cups in Northern America fascinating. There is something extra special about ceramic items. They are unique in more ways than you may not have noticed. Whether you are someone with a great interest in decorating your place with ceramics or want to collect ceramic items, discover a few more reasons why you should indulge in the ceramic craze.

Adding Warmth to Your Place

If you want to accent your space, ceramics can serve as a visual balance, adding a homey feel to the place. The right piece of the ceramic item will perfectly complement your modern interior. Also, they would make for a great aesthetically pleasing addition to vintage or rustic decor.

Check out this multicolour, medium size, Kabartma style ceramic handmade cup that will add great value to your vintage item collection.

A Useful Decoration 

Ceramics are an excellent way to add color and play with texture in your room. Apart from decoration, the best part about them is that they can be used. If you decide to get ceramic plates, bowls, jars, cups, and mugs with food-grade safe glazes for serving dishes at a party. Or maybe you want to use them as your everyday dishes. While ceramic mugs can be used for coffee or tea, they can also be used to grow plants or hold pens and pencils.

This Classic King Jar is going to bring the treasures of the past back to your home.

They Combine Other Trends into One Piece

Of course, ceramics is a home décor trend! They are a combination of rough textures and organic shapes. By adding homemade ceramics to your place, you will add that wow factor, leaving your guests in awe.

Your choice of handmade ceramic items reflects your personality and aesthetic flair. With a practically unlimited range of sizes, colors, and shapes of ceramic items, you are bound to find the perfect piece to add an aesthetic feel to your décor.

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